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5 Things You Should Do To Fortify Your Health Before Traveling

A man sitting at an airport gate waiting for his flight while resting his legs on his suitcase.

Drink Up! (Water that is).

Make sure you’re hydrated by drinking an average of 64 oz of water a day. Having the right amount of water is critical for overall health, and especially your immunity.  The body’s cells, tissue, and organs need water to function optimally. In fact, water supports the barriers that protect your nose, esophagus, lungs and stomach – each is a vulnerable area on the body that is a target for viruses. Water is also a key component of your lymphatic fluid, which transports cells that help fight infections.

Remember, flying is dehydrating so make sure you’re fully hydrated before a flight, this is especially important for longer trips. While in flight, you may want to request coffee or alcoholic beverages, however it’s highly recommended to add a side of water as caffeine and alcohol both cause dehydration.

Rest Up.

Oftentimes, travelers will compromise their sleep. Don’t do it. Whether it’s while planning your trip or not wanting to miss a minute of the trip highlights; the lack of sleep will weaken your immune system. Some of the main factors that can affect immunity are stress, lack of sleep, overexertion, travel via airplane or public transportation, and exposure to new germs in new cities and destinations. Your body does its most important work for rest, recovery and immunity while you’re sleeping. So be sure to get 8 hours of sleep every night so your immune system is at its strongest for your travels.

Take Your Vitamins.

Give your body that important boost to help fight viruses and infections. Specifically, vitamins C, D, Zinc and probiotics are the powerhouse elements to bolster your body’s immunity. Schedule a vitamin-rich IV treatment to infuse all the vitamins your body needs for energy, immunity and rest. This is especially important if you didn’t “drink up” and “rest up” before your trip. 

Get Exercise.

Some trips pack in a lot of activities, walking and even hiking. If you’re planning an adventure, plan ahead with exercise to build your strength, endurance and immunity. Yes, exercise also benefits your immune system.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Stress.

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan and pack, (or head to the airport). Stress and anxiety are two of the most common enemies that attack and weaken the immune system. 

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Do You Have Upcoming Travel Plans?

 Give IV Wellness a call to give your body that much-needed boost to its immunity so you can rest, relax and truly enjoy your travels.  As South Florida’s most trusted mobile IV provider, give us a call at (866) 947-6211 and enjoy the convenience of IV therapy at your home or office, (and you can schedule for day or night, 7 days a week).

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