Maximum Immunity IV Immune boost

During these unprecedented times, an IV immune boost is essential to protect your cells from harmful viruses. With our IV immune boost, higher-dose antioxidants will help prevent free radical damage to your organs. Our infusion is formulated to significantly reduce the duration of a cold/flu, or help prevent them altogether.    

The most essential nutrient to help boost the immune system and help prevent virus invasion is Vitamin C. Our Maximum Immunity IV immune boost includes a maximum dose of Vitamin C, which is based on your body weight. In addition, it includes Zinc and Vitamin D, which play an importan role in immunity.     

Recommended dose is 200 mg/kg.

For example:   

  • 120 lbs. = 11,000 mg Vitamin C    
  • 240 lbs. = 22,000 mg Vitamin C 


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Glutathione: 1,200 mg 
Zinc: 10 mg
Vitamin D3 IM shot: 50-100,000 IU 
May add B12 and/or Magnesium at no additional cost…a $30 value!